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Seed: Anthurium Portillae

Seed: Anthurium Portillae

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Grow Your Own Anthurium Portillae from Seed!

Initially obtained from Indonesia under the name 'Portillae,' this plant appears to be an intricate hybrid involving Subsignatum and Papillilaminum. Its foliage is nothing short of extraordinary, almost otherworldly. When a new leaf unfurls, it displays a captivating maroon-brown hue, gradually transitioning to a striking black as it matures. After the hardening process, it takes a few months for the leaf to adopt its green coloration. One peculiar feature of this hybrid is the way its leaves gracefully curve inward, giving the impression of wings gently swaying in the wind.

Please note the following important details:

  1. Advanced Growth: Most of our seeds have already sprouted, exhibiting tiny roots. Exercise caution while unpacking these sprouted seeds, as the roots and leaves are highly fragile at this early stage of growth.

  2. Unique Characteristics: Our Portillae has been crossed with self-pollination, resulting in a truly unique and distinctive offspring. While the mother plant in the provided picture offers a glimpse of what to anticipate, the seeds may exhibit variations in their characteristics.

Embark on a rewarding journey as you nurture and witness the growth of your very own Anthurium Portillae. With its captivating wing-like leaves transitioning from maroon-brown to black. This rare hybrid promises to be a magnificent addition to your plant collection.

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