Dedicated Variegated Studio team amidst lush Anthuriums at our farm in Indonesia.


Our Team

Our dedicated team in Indonesia is the heart and soul of our Anthurium farm. With their expertise and passion, they cultivate and nurture exquisite Anthurium plants, ensuring they thrive in optimal conditions. From meticulously caring for each plant to meticulously collecting the seeds we offer, our team's commitment to quality is unwavering. Their deep knowledge of Anthuriums and their meticulous attention to detail guarantee that you receive the finest seeds available. We are proud to work alongside our Indonesian team, who play a vital role in bringing the beauty of Anthuriums from their farm to your doorstep.

A diverse collection of vibrant Anthurium plants thriving on our farm.


Plants & Seeds

At Variegated Studio, our admiration for plants and seeds is at the core of our brand. We source rare tropical house plants, like the mesmerizing Anthurium, from our dedicated friend Marwa's nursery in Indonesia. Each plant is nurtured with care, allowing them to thrive and display their vibrant foliage and striking colors.

Our passion extends beyond the plants themselves to the seeds they bear. We meticulously harvest these precious seeds, ensuring they retain the essence of their parent plants. These seeds embody the potential to create new botanical wonders, carrying with them the promise of growth and beauty.

We cherish the authenticity that plants and seeds bring to our brand, allowing us to create clothing designs that are a true celebration of nature's artistry. With each piece, we aim to share the wonder and allure of rare tropical house plants, allowing you to embrace the beauty of these natural treasures wherever you go.

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Visionary founder, decades of expertise, proudly showcasing an exceptionally rare red Crystallinum Anthurium.

Mr Pak Haji Ulih

Our Anthurium expert

Mr. Pak Haji Ulih, a seasoned expert in the world of anthuriums and the beloved uncle of our anthurium nursery owner, possesses an unparalleled knowledge of every aspect of these magnificent plants. From the intricate art of pollination to the skillful harvesting of anthurium seeds, he has honed his expertise to perfection. Thanks to his dedication, we were blessed with a stunning collection of red crystallinum hybrids, a legacy that still captivates us to this day. With over 50 years of experience nurturing anthuriums, Mr. Pak Haji Ulih's passion and wisdom continue to inspire and enrich the world of horticulture.

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At Variegated Studio, our clothing collection is a vibrant tapestry of botanical artistry and unique style. Each garment is meticulously crafted to celebrate the beauty of rare tropical house plants, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing variegated patterns and striking colors found in nature. Our passion for plants shines through in every design, allowing you to wear a piece of botanical wonder with pride. Embrace the allure of plant-inspired fashion and immerse yourself in the captivating world of lush foliage. With a commitment to premium materials and sustainable practices, our clothing not only adorns you with beauty but also reflects our dedication to preserving the environment. Step into a wardrobe that is as extraordinary and vibrant as the rarest wonders of nature.

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