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Anthuriums: Nature's Elegance, Your Home's Grace.

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Discover a treasure trove of rare Anthurium varieties, each a botanical masterpiece


Elevate your style with Variegated Studio's exclusive clothing line inspired by the beauty of rare plants.


Welcome to Variegated Studio, where fashion meets the fascinating world of plants.

 Elevate Your Space:
Transform your home with the timeless elegance of rare Anthuriums, the crown jewel of botanical beauty.

Nurtured for Perfection:
Our Anthuriums are sourced from dedicated nurseries, nurtured for their captivating variegation and vibrant colors.

Seeds of Possibility:
Dive into the world of growth and create your own botanical wonders with our Anthurium seeds.

Sustainability Matters:
We're committed to quality and sustainability, ensuring your purchases reflect your love for nature.

Shop with Confidence:
Explore our collection and discover how beauty and serenity effortlessly blend at Variegated Studio.

Meet our founder, a horticultural pioneer, proudly showcasing a rare Red Crystallinum Anthurium.

About us

At Variegated Studio, we're captivated by rare tropical house plants and their ability to inspire beauty. Our collection of plant-inspired clothing embodies their essence.

Our journey began with a love for the unique variegated patterns of these plants. This led us to create clothing that celebrates their beauty, blending style with botanical artistry.

Marwa, a dedicated plant enthusiast, tends to our enchanting Indonesian nursery, nurturing vibrant Anthuriums with mesmerizing variegation. From this sanctuary, our plants and seeds bring authentic botanical beauty to your home.

Beyond fashion, we're on a mission to celebrate and preserve nature's wonders. Join us in embracing the joy of plants and the magic they bring to everyday life.

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